Sacrament of ReconciliationBefore all Masses and, if you wish, by appointment.

Sacrament of BaptismParents of newborn babies should contact the Parish Priest at their earliest possible convenience to determine a date for the Baptism. Couples should present a birth certificate of their child from the Public Registry. A certificate from the parish priest where the godparents live is also needed. Couple who live in another parish, and would like to baptise their child in this parish, need a written permit from their parish priest.
A preparatory meeting for parents and godparents will also be held some days prior to the date of Baptism. Godparents should be over the age of 16 and practising Catholics. Those who for some reason or other are not living as recognized valid by the Catholic Church cannot be godparents.

Anointing of the sick Should the services of a priest be required in near death situations, please contact directly on 21330198 / 79708756 / 99425919

Sick and Communion Calls Parishioners who are homebound or otherwise indisposed and wish to receive Holy Communion at home should contact the Parish Priest.

Sacrament of Matrimony Couples who are planning to get married are to follow a Marriage Preparation Course at least 2 years prior to the date of their marriage.
For information regarding courses held at our parish, please contact the Parish Priest. For information regarding courses held at other parishes please contact the Cana Movement on 2123 8068, 2123 8942.
Couples wishing to marry in the Balluta Church are to contact the Parish Priest for an appointment to plan the ceremony.

Funerals For funeral arrangements please contact
the Parish Priest where information on the Curia’s directives for funerals is also given.

Certificates and Passports Certificates (Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and Death) can be obtained from the Parish Office during office hours.

For passports one must bring the necessary forms. In the case of those under 18 years of age both mother and the father have to be present to sign in the presence of Parish Priest.