Legion of MaryThe Legion of Mary at the Balluta Parish

Legion of Mary is a lay association founded in Ireland. Its aim is to train its members in practical personal sanctification. Members meet once a week in what is known as the ‘Praesidium’. Through active work, prayer and teachings, the movement helps its members to become more informed and convinced Christians.

Catechetical CommissionThe Catechetical Commission in our parish involves catechists who contribute towards the teaching of catechism to children and adolescents.

Catechetical teaching is done on the syllabus and textbooks prepared by the Diocesan Secretariat for Catechesis along with additions and adaptations according to the requirements of the Liturgical Year or any particular year as declared by the Pope (as was the Year of Mercy), or by the Archbishop.

Christian Family GroupsThis is the call of the Christian Family Groups within the Cana Movement.

Founded in 1971, this year the Christian Family Groups are celebrating 45 years since its establishment.

The Christian Family Groups are run almost every parish and offer a spiritual formation based on the needs and realities of family today. In monthly laqħa Group explores a particular theme as designed on SCHEMES book, and as the word of God enlighten us that circumstance. SCHEMES be published annually, always subjects of various meetings aimed at family and married life. The groups are affiliated as members in ICCFM , the International Confederation of Christian Family Movement.